Client: Personal 
Work: Motion
Date: 2020

Details: This video is from a part of Alan Watt's lectures.
I wanted to make an imaginative and philosophical video with his voice.

I thought there are many interesting metaphors in this speech. My intention is to deliver the metaphors effectively and to make it more understandable with fantastical art works. I always enjoy making psychological images. The topic from this speech fits with my taste entirely.

The reason this video was made is to inspire people and also I wished that human beings have a thoughtful time to think about their whole lives deeply although the time of watching this video is not that long.

There are lots of visual trials in this video. At first, I mixed 3D and 2D sources together and my intention is to show the harmony between 3D and 2D.

Alan Watts의 강연 중 일부분인 ‘You are a miracle’을 듣고 영감받은 작업입니다.

3x3 International Illustration Show Annual No.18, Animation/motion, New York, 2021