Client: Personal 
Work: Motion
Date: 2021

Details: The idea for this video started with a theory "Brain in a vat". This is a modern incarnation of René Descartes's evil demon thought experiment originated by Gilbert Harman.
In this theory, people do not recognize that they are trapped by this small vat. In addition, they do not know there is no body and is a thinking brain alone inside of a vat. The computer is manipulating the thinking.
I was truly inspired by this idea and felt the huge interests from it.

I thought that many people in this society are easily brainwashed by electrical devices like computers and smartphones. Brain washing is getting stronger and spreading with these devices. They got the power to control people's mind easily and quickly in the modern world.
My intention is to show how a brain can be brainwashed in many methods. I tried to find other words to depict 'wash' and replace this word. I found variety of methods to wash the main brain with my clever expression.

We should doubt ourselves when we have access to unsure information around us especially from the internet and try to get philosophical skepticism. This is a way for us to think critically or independently in this world full of uncertainty and chaos.