Client: Personal 
Work: Motion
Date: 2021

Details: I set myself as a doctor of engineering who made mechanical animals. The intention of this video is to show how dangerous to make modified artificial animals. It is also to warn about animal testing too. I wanted to express this deep issue about animals with my witty and humorous style.

저 자신의 이름을이용하여 동물원을 세우고 나만의 동물들을 만들었 습니다. 그 조작된 동물들이 도망치면서 인간들이 사는세계로 출몰 하고 장소마다 벌어지는 상황을 담았습니다.

Prize: AI-AP International Motion Art Awards 9, New York, 2021

 3x3 International Illustration Show Annual No.18, Animation/motion, New York, 2021